Our Leadership

David Jonker

Senior Partner and Co-Founder

David is a longtime, established leader in the conception, design and creation of new systems for data-driven visual thinking. He is a frequent industry speaker and writer, and occasional architect of creative engineering teams, brand identities and Christmas cards.

William Wright

Partner and Co-Founder

William is an international authority on information visualization and visual analytics. He has co-created many innovative systems used for improved human understanding and decision-making in complex environments.

Thomas Kapler

Partner and Co-Founder

Tom creates innovative and influential visual solutions. Inspired by artistic practice, he believes that information interaction is still in its early days, and that the challenge is not to "visualize information" but to capture how people think.

David Schroh


David leads the development of innovative visual products, cutting-edge research, deep analytics, robust service architectures and complex cloud platforms. In his free time he joins his family and friends for fitness and fun in the martial arts.

Richard Brath


Richard's commercial systems group creates strategic visualization and analytics for data vendors, financial institutions and software companies to execute their vision. For fun, Richard's part-time PhD research is on the next generation of visualization.

Rob Harper

Lead Product Architect

Rob leads the new product division that brings Uncharted research innovations to market. He believes the best software architecture is pragmatic and starts with focusing on your team's strengths. He is terrible at video games.

Scott Langevin

Research Scientist

Scott oversees advanced research in big data visual analytics, scalable machine learning and adaptive visualization. His PhD from USC specializes in probabilistic graphical models and multi-agent systems.

Curtis Garton

Senior Product Manager

Curtis works with law enforcement and public safety agencies—helping them analyze and present data pertinent to their investigations. He has testified as an expert witness and trained hundreds of law enforcement professionals across the globe.

Warren Shultz

Vice President,

Warren (HBA, CPA, CA) has worked many roles in public and private technology companies. At Uncharted Software, he oversees contracts, finance, human resources and administration. He enjoys the business challenges of advanced technology.


Pascale Proulx

Design Director,
Visual Analytics Research

Pascale brings over 15 years of experience in human-information interaction and visual analytics. Drawing from her multi-disciplinary background in fine arts, computer science and cognition, she transforms complex problems into intuitive workflows.

Derek Gray

Research Engineering

For over a decade, Derek has led the development of successful 2D, 3D & 4D geo-spatial products for defense and others. He's a stickler for pixel-perfection and clean code. In his spare minutes he enjoys teaching kids to code and memory gymnastics.

Eric Hall

Technical Director,
Visual Analytics Consulting

Eric has been leading successful technical teams at Uncharted for 15 years and counting. He has a strong focus on making the end user happy—which he demonstrates as grill master at company barbecues.

Joyce Wallace

Human Resources and Administration

Joyce is a CHRL and has helped technology companies grow and build strong cultures in the last decade. Joyce's love of meeting and talking to people often leads to conversations with perfect strangers at the grocery store.

Chris Bethune

Research Engineering

Chris is a senior software developer with over 15 years of leadership experience researching and building advanced 2D and 3D visual analytic systems. He is not above cheating to beat his children at board games.

Adeel Khamisa

Law Enforcement Industry

When investigators and analysts face challenges from new and emerging data-based evidence, they turn to Adeel and his team of Law Enforcement Liaisons to help put criminals behind bars and keep communities around the world safe.

Phil Laliberte

Product Engineering

Phil leads the engineering efforts for Uncharted's product development—building solutions to assist our customers in making sense of complex data. He has the honour of winning fourth place in the Uncharted table tennis tournament.

Sean McIntyre

Principal Software Architect

Sean supports software teams across the organization with architectural design and decision-making, productionisation, and the development of core technology shared between the vast number of ongoing projects. He is not a fan of mornings.

Chris Dickson

Research Engineering

For the past several years, Chris has overseen the development of innovative research and its transition to production applications. In his spare time, he is hard to find because he tries his best to be off the grid.