Virtual Reality Taxi Trips in NYC

Interactive 3D Visualization of High-Density Plots

Richard Brath, Luke Corrigall
October 18, 2016

What if you could move freely through Manhattan and watch every licensed taxi pick up and drop off every one of its passengers at the same time? What movement patterns would you see? That’s what we aimed to find out by extending our Salt library to plot high-density New York City traffic data in three dimensions.

Following the Twitter Emotions of #Debate2016

Rob Harper, Phil Laliberte
September 28, 2016

While sentiment analysis on Twitter data has become commonplace, Uncharted’s Richard Brath got us thinking about going deeper and looking at the emotional content.

The Game within a Game

Superbowl Marketing Retweets

Richard Brath
June 16, 2016

We’ve been looking at characteristics of break-out tweets and memes. All memes are NOT the same. One interesting approach is to use our Salt library to plot time (horizontally) and number of retweets (vertically).

Twitter Talks Trump

Visualizing the most popular Trump-related tweets

Rob Harper & Sean McIntyre
March 3, 2016

Last summer we began tracking tweets that mention Donald Trump in preparation for our talk at Strata NY. We’ve continued monitoring the topic and, as of March 3rd 2016, we’ve processed over 91 million tweets.

Trump Climbs Primary Mountain

Everyone's tweeting Trump leading up to Super Tuesday

Richard Brath
March 1, 2016

In our ongoing analysis of tweets about Donald Trump we pulled together 27 million tweets in the month of February from 3.7 million unique users. It seems like everyone is joining the conversation in different ways.